Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Nice 4th

We had a great day.
The weather really didn' t cooperate, but still we had a good day out.
Drove down Old Rt 40 and stopped at a roadside BBQ -- "Uncle Dewey's".
BBQ chicken was the best.
The hushpuppies were different than anything I had had before -- LOADED with pepper.
But the Sweet Potato Pie was wonderful.
We wandered and wandered.
Exploring and looking.
Found some really great places to go back to for photo shoots -- the weather was just not cooperating.

Stopped at a couple of road side farmer's markets: fresh tomatoes, corn, beautiful yellow squash, watermellon.

Got home -- we napped while Colleen fixed dinner.
After the dishes, we all retired to the living room.
Me to bead and they are finishing up watching MI3.
I got bored.
Besides, I have to hit the shower and hit the bed.
ICK -- work tomorrow.

Fireworks have been haphazard -- threat of rain, mostly cloudy and up to Philly and down to Baltimore there are tornado warnings.
I suspect we'll get storms during the night.