Monday, July 28, 2008

I got Soul !

I certainly enjoyed the Philadephia Soul game yesterday -- didn't hurt any that JBJ was there as proud owner!

Areana football -- not sure I am getting all the little differences from "regular" football, but I like it !The game certainly goes fast!

The championship game was good -- I swear, the Soul almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but did manage to hang on!

And it's amusing -- the Arena Football team is the first to bring a championship to Philly in YEARS !

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BFAC projects

These are the projects that Colleen and I completed.

She did the purse,

I did the bracelet.

Beaded Mask

The photo's for the Beaded Masks are up --
DARN IT --- they misspelled our names! I dashed off an email asking if they could correct it!

Some of the masks are just breathtaking!
Idea's that I had not considered -- but I also find it wonderful that many thought of flowers, or leaves !

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

For me to get off the train at 3 pm and notice the oppressive heat, it is HOT/HUMID here in the greater AC area.
Temps tomorrow -- on the water, at the beach -- are being predicted to be 97 + the heat index.
I have a big indoor book project tomorrow -- moving all the bookcases, rearranging, and then putting C's glass horse collection back in another case.
That should take hours.
Good -- inside sweating is much better than OUTside.

And then, we will clean up and go to Carrino's for dinner -- can't tonight because of the almighty bridge -- has to set for 24 hours. But tomorrow dinner is calling me !!(I LOVE their salads !!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not much happening.
Did some running around.
I had a problem with the bigger iPod -- luckily there was still warranty action on it.
I sent it back -- and low and behold 3 days later, I had a refurbished iPod -- a NEWER model !!So off we went to get a new holder for it.

Not much else going on.
Went to the farmers market for tomatos and peaches.
A quick stop at the statuary place -- Collen got a girl gnome for the yard. She had absolutely fallen in love with it !

Big salad for dinner.
C made a peach pie -- good !
I snoozed for about 2 hours on the couch -- not sure what is up other than I am staying so darned tired. Must be lack of vitamins or protein or SOMETHING.

We goofed a bit.
I worked on the pink and black bracelet for the auction. ALMOST done. A
ll I have left to do is the clasp!
I'll wash the dishes real quick and hit the bed!

BFAC finally !!

It's done.
It's in the mail -- mailed mine and Colleen's at the same time.

Pictures have been completed.
I'll post some up to the link.

Now, I will finish the Pink and Black this weekend !
And get THAT in the mail.

Then on to MY projects.

I must find a cabachon -- can't be more than 24 mm .
That sounds easy, but it isn't !

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th was good

The 4th was good !

On the evening of the 3rd we drove over to watch the fireworks -- between the Borgata and Harrah's.
We scored a great place to watch and it was fun!

We didn't do spectacular things, but had fun.
Went out -- drove a bit - stopped someplace different for breakfast. I had "Georgia Peach Pancakes" -- good, but I think they were canned peaches.

Drove more -- we like to just go and take our camera's.
Not much inland. Kinda boring. no pictures this year.
But I saw my first cranberry bogs ! That was cool for a geek like me
We came home, goofed a bit. Went out to see "Wall e" .
Then do dinner at Famous Dave's. ummm BBQ.
I think that choice was inspired by the neighbors awesome BBQ that we saw them working on ! Today we have errands and I think C and I will head down to Cape May for me to return a book I borrowed.
And still have one more day to relax!