Saturday, May 30, 2009

A good Saturday

Colleen and I went to the library this morning and then I zipped in to the office to check a file. Back to the house to gather things and off we went.
Destination was Wall Township to this little dive that had been shown on Food Network.
Circus Drivein.
Not bad. Then we started back weaving in and out over by the shoreline.
I'm a bit sunburned on my right side -- could NOT convince C to let me switch seats in the car! But that's ok!
We had a wonderful day.
Got home, ordered pizza to go with our salad (and the new yummo celery seed dressing that she whipped up).
Watched some tv and I beaded that damned doll (film at eleven) that must be finished by 7/15.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Travel Plans

Today I printed off the forms to order a certified copy of my birth certificate.
A trip to Puerto Rico might be in order next year.
It looks like a beautiful place -- and I think I would like to go.
Actually, I would rather do Hawaii -- but the plane trip will kill me !! too long!
And I want to do Paradise Island the Bahamas, but the jury is still out there.
So this might work!

And our tour guide book came today for Savannah.
We've got the spots in Atlanta picked out for the first day.
Then off to Savannah for 2.5 days.
It will be a whirlwind long weekend, but so worth it!

Memorial Day Weekend

Ahhhh, a three day weekend!
Made even better with getting out of work an hour early on Friday!

Memorial Day weekend starts the summer madness at the Jersey Shore.
The traffic, the crazy people from NY, PA and north Jersey.

I had given thought to driving down to Wildwood early this morning to check out the kite festival -- what a great photo op that would be.

But it's a well known fact that the traffic would be bumper to bumper on the parkway, so that was eliminated.
I am still toying with the thought for tomorrow morning -- the "Bennies" (slang for peple from Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark and NY) , "Shoobie's" (slang for beach visitors) should all be here by now and if they are driving, they should be considering going north.
It's worth a thought.

We did some running around today. Not much, but some.
Colleen and I always differ on the temperature.
82 and I am roasting.
82 and she is just fine!

Came home and worked on my BFAC project for next year.
Wish I hadn't picked such a time consuming project.
Wish I hadn't sat for almost 3 weeks staring at it and trying to figure out where to go.
Wish I hadn't started over on one part.
But if wishes were horses, all men would ride.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


My family tells me that I am naive and gullible, too trusting.
Maybe I am.

I do know that I am constantly amazed at the cruelty in the world that I live in.
People are mean and hurtful.

I care too much about those I love to be evil.
Hell, I've TRIED to be mean and end up feeling more wretched about the situation than the person I thought I was being mean to.

Right now my heart is breaking for someone I love.
And there is not a damned thing I can do to ease the pain.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I want to crawl in a hole and pull the hole in behind me.
I want to stop trusting people and letting them close to me and the people I love.

But when I think this way, I pause to remember that there are good people in my life.
And I am a better person for those people.