Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yard work

I worked really hard this morning after I read the paper and drank my coffee..........


Pookie gets annoyed with the camera......... but I love this picture.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


At my age, I think I am now past menapause.
Well, I am not sure.
Years ago, I was "pre".
Then things stopped.

Now they've started again.
I'm always hot when no one else is.
And the spotting started.
I have cramps today.
And I've been a bit blue since Thursday night.

The search is on for a new OB-GYN down here in AC.
I hate this.
I hate going to the doctor.
And a new one to boot.
But I think I need to do it.
Maybe the weirdness is what is contributing to my blue period.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday at the Shore

Nice morning.
No humidity to speak of, a little breezy.
I got up early because I was having nightmares about Colleen bringing a walrus into the house.

We did the library run.
And then on to Formica Brothers bakery -- I wanted some whole grain bread.

A quick stop at the garden store and I bought 2 plants for the front yard.
Would have bought some peppers but the woman kept warning me away from them because they were hot -- hello ! I can read. But I wanted them. She kept it up and I put the plant down and walked away.

Not sure why I bought the plants -- felt a little down (maybe more than a little....) and felt the need to spend money.

On the way home we crossed over the AC Expressway.
Good lord.
Three lanes of a parking lot.
Saturday mornings during the summer are light that.
Everyone heads to the shore.

A nice afternoon was spent working on a freeform bracelet.
Good dinner and then we watched "Mama Mia".

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reno tickets booked

Tickets (and seats) are finalized for Tahoe.

I do not know why it stresses me out so badly to do the tickets.
But at least it is DONE !

Monday, July 13, 2009

Boot form

A while back I made a boot form for a doll form trade.
Methinks I might just drag that back out and do some work on it again.
It was entirely MY form and I'd like to work it.

but good golly, I have no time now!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

BFAC -- another body pic

Slightly different view

BFAC pics 2009

2 of mine........... ( I am going to let Colleen post her's).

The photo's were a struggle because the face printed lighter than I planned.

Mine was a struggle.

I constructed the doll body without a formal pattern .

Then couldn't figure out how to attach the arms (thank you Dot !!).

And then there was the bosom issue........

And the butt -- how do you make a shapely butt?

But I learned SO much from this.

I have a new respect for doll makers.

And my new goal is to do a series of Self Portraits.

One of the struggles was actually putting my face ON the doll.

It was an enlightenment for me.

With all that faldarol .... I give you the first in a series:

Katie in the Eighties (complete with mullett)


Trip Thoughts Part 3

I forgot that I had not finished this.
So.. .I'm slow.
Yup, and honest too.S
avannah was really nice and I would have enjoyed it more had the temp's not been so extreme.
The hotel was nice -- not spectacular, but nice. Centrally located. That was helpful.

In no certain order: we ate at The Old Pink House -- phenomenal. I had a salad with goat cheese that was superb. It was probably the best (with goat cheese) that I have ever eatten. The house is said to be haunted also. (Hell, where in Savannah, isn't supposed to be haunted).

Ghosts and Graveyards tour: we took the 10:30 tour -- much better, the temps had come down SOME, but not much.
From the webstie:
"Join our GHOST TOUR that takes you into a HAUNTED HOUSE! Come aboard if you dare, for an evening excursion through the darker side of America's Most Haunted City.
Our "Frightseeing"sm experience, Ghosts & Gravestones, will include entry into the Sorrel Weed House, a real antebellum mansion which was recently featured on SCIFI Channel's GHOST HUNTERS!
The Ghost Hunter staff uncovered a veritable cauldron of supernatural activity in the house, including ghostly handprints on a wall, invisible to the naked eye and a frantic communication from the other side.
Savannah is often referred to as "America's Most Haunted City!" Her turbulent history has unleashed a fascination with the supernatural. Old Town Trolley Tours® of Savannah presents an unforgettable "FRIGHTSEEINGsm" experience aboard the Ghosts & Gravestoness Tour. Step aboard the "Trolley of the Doomed" as we share tales of murder and mayhem, ghosts, ghouls and other mysterious happenings and phenomena. Let us take you to the secret haunts that only the gravediggers know INCLUDING ENTRY INTO THE SORREL WEED HOUSE".
The guide was a hoot and made it really interesting.

I was surprised to find that the statue made famous from "Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil" is no longer out on public display -- it is now in a museum. Bummer.
While on the trolley tour we passed the home of the main character.

Foodie info:
We went to 'Back in the Day" Bakery (-"Slow Down and Taste the Sweet Life") -- it is quaint little bakery -- not in such a great neighborhood, but worth it. I had the most fabulous red velvet cupcake. Colleen was in love with the cupcakes they had that day. We ate too many.

Colleen's favorite place was on River Street -- "River Street Sweets" -- she is HOOKED on pralines. I did like the glazed pecans.

The Lady and Sons: Paula Dean -- need I say any more?
We lucked in to being able to make reservations for Fathers' Day Brunch.
It was everything it should have been and then some. (Well, MY fried fresh corn is better than the restaurants -- but I have to give them credit, they are cooking for masses!
We were the first for our area -- the buffett was untouched and we ate like pigs.

Lots of history.
A Latin festival while we were there.
We walked River Street and enjoyed the pirate tales/water stories and watching the ships coming in.


Yesterday we stopped at a neighbor's house -- well, the people live all the way down at the other end of the complex -- to look at their patio.
See, the Homeowner's Assoc has rules about what you can and can not do.
Gotta love those rules.
I had wished that our patio "slab" was bigger.
These folks had someone come in and expand with paving stones.
It is absolutely beautiful !
I have the name and will be calling tomorrow !

man, did we have a monster thunderstorm this morning!
At 3 a.m., there was brief lightening and then the skies opened up!
A major downpour which was welcomed because we need the rain for the lawn.

My BFAC is finished -- pictures today and it gets shipped tomorrow.
I'm working on another BJP and have an idea for the next one.

MUST start forcing myself to work on/learn RAW.
I have to be much more comfortable with it by the time we go to Tahoe.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee !

I am taking pictures AND shipping this weekend!

Pictures will be up later this weekend!

Now on to work on BJP !


The weather has been fabO for the last 2 days.
I have come home from work, sat out on the patio and just enjoyed !
Today it was just a bit too bright -- the sun bothered my eyes and I was not going back around the house to the car and get my sunglasses.

Sunny, breezy, warm, NOT humid and relaxing.

I was content to sit and listen to the breeze.

On another note, Colleen tried to make pralines tonight -- they are really good if you like eatting them with a spoon.
My fault ....... the recipe I gave her was old.........

Friday, July 3, 2009

Housekeeping etc.....

We had a small sweet pickled sweet pepper slices disaster in the kitchen.
Large full jar meets hardwood floor.
Out came the hardwood cleaner -- much better now.

Today I made cold spaghetti salad -- can't wait for it to get cold and all the seasonings soak in.
I love that stuff and will probably founder on it!

Must call ob-gyn and make appt -- I HATE going to a new doctor.
oh wait, I hate going to the doctor period.

And then there is the over-50, must schedule colonoscopy....... I hate being old.

And the long weekend begins....

Office let us out at 2 yesterday.
A quick trip to BJ's for regular stuff ($141 worth ick).
Then home to wait for Colleen.
I fed all the animals so we could leave as soon as she got home.
Off to the restaurant -- that was the first time I had ever been in a Glatt Kosher restaurant.
Food was good --- EXPENSIVE !!
Ran by Walmart on the way home. Good god, I won't go back in this weekend if I can avoid that. There are too many "bennies" or "Shobies" down for the holiday weekend!
Italian ice at Rita's and then home.
I was still up at 11:30.
I've been reading Cloth Paper Scissors Studio magazine in hopes for ideas for better organization of my beads. (thanks Dot, for creating a monster!)
I have some idea's. Must sort today.

And I have to get daring and start working with the sewing machine.

There is a nail appt this afternoon.
I need to photograph both Colleen's and my charity piece for next year. They have to be shipped by the first of the week.

Big old Moosie Cat just let hold him (3 times !) for a bit. And almost cuddle him -- big goof :)

More and more is revealed and I am beginning to understand it is not my fault -- but rather that fault is not the right word, but that the other person shares the responsibility in what is not right. (what a great runon sentence THAT was !!! )