Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dancin' in Philly this week !



Colleen fell in love with Savannah.
I understand -- I was that way with New Orleans.

She is already talking about wanting to go back.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

It's been so cool and rainy that we haven't been able to use the beach tags yet this year.
Beach tags ......... never heard of them when I lived in Florida.
You wanted to go to the beach? You went.
Here in south Jersey, you have to buy a beach tag for each town if you want to use their beach.
We really like Ventnor City and Margate.
Luckily they share tags.
One tag = access to two beaches!

This morning Colleen and I got up early and went to the beach.
Water temp was 68 degrees.
It was a bit chilly when I first got my feet wet, but they acclimated pretty quickly.
No one was swimming.
There were 2 surfers out trying to catch a wave.
The beach patrols were out practicing further out.

Not many shells either -- maybe we came at high tide.

We parked at our favorite little lot and crossed in to the beach (yes you have to pay to park -- this is Jersey, what more do you expect???).
We walked down to the pier and back (a little over a mile) -- barefoot on the beach in the water, etc.
Yes, my knee is screaming.
but it was good for it.

Came home, did the grocery store thing.
Put a small roast in the crock pot.
Lazy for a bit.

Out to Micheals for me to get the hanging thingie for my BFAC.
Back home.
OMG the roast is sooooo good.

Now I am waiting while an experiment with blackberries plays out -- my first attempt at some kind of sauce type stuff.

Then to the living toom - beads and True Blood.

I think I am spoiled now by Summer.
I do NOT want to go to work tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel part 2

Once we got off the plane, we headed straight downtown to The Varsity.

Late Thursday afternoon and it wasn't crowded -- not like a Friday night or after a football game.

Walking across the parking lot, I was withered by the heat dancing off of the asphalt.

My nose started twitching as soon as we walked in.
It was as if I was alone. All I could think about was my chili slaw dog and a hot fried peach pie. Oh, and some onion rings too!

We got our orders and made our way to a table.
I was told that I was making little "umm" noises.
This was the first time that anyone could remember that "I" did that.

My chili slaw dogs (2) were fantastic. And the onion rings were outstanding!

The hot fried peach pie left a bit to be desired. It was greasier than I remembered.
But all in all, the meal was great! (and I really wish I could have had more before we left!).

We stayed at a motel right across the street from Turner Field (new home to the Braves).
I'm old fashioned, I still remember Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.
Luckily, the Braves were NOT in town.

Dinner that night was a visit to the Waffle House (it's a southern thing).
We didn't eat big, but I had eggs and an order of "scattered and smothered".
Good !

Friday morning we were up and out to Cyclorama.
Colleen had been teasing the entire time about how badly she did NOT want to go.
In the end, she enjoyed it too.

Stone Mountain would have been interesting too.
But, time and the heat did not allow for that.

We left there and I stopped to take some pics of old signs.
It was NOT a good neighborhood, but still I had Colleen out of the car with me and He kept the motor running.

On the road now to Savannah.
Friday afternoon and we are tooling down I-75.
A crudely handpainted sign alerted me to my culinary mission.
I finally got my boiled peanuts.
"do you want the 5 dollah cup or the 10 dollah bag?"
I went with the 5 dollah cup.
Lucky for me, they both tried ONE peanut and then said they were all mine.
I ate almost all of them.
Almost as good as I remembered -- should have been cooked in an old black battered pot, under a tent, on the side of the road, by a withered old black man -- but they were still good.

We stopped at a truckstop to get gas and a cold drink.
OMG what a redneck truck stop it was.
In the ladies room there was a machine on the wall that I could not resist.
Yes, I spent 50 cents.
I must take a picture and make a separate post of what I got for my big fifty cents.

And then we got to Savannah.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The South

"The Deep South has the friendliest people in the world. They will do anything for you. They also want to know what's going on and won't hesitate to ask questions."
-- John Grisham

Monday, June 22, 2009

I "AM" a delicate southern flower

Good LORD !!
how do you people in Savannah stand this oppressive heat wave?
98, 99, 100 degrees BEFORE the heat index !!

I swear I think I sweated off everything I ate.... well, I hope I did !!

gosh I am glad to be back in cloudy NJ !

Saturday, June 13, 2009

'em R 'Maters .......

Colleen has a bumper crop of tomatoes !
It is amazing how many she has on 3 plants.
I hope they all survive while we are in Savannah!


I'm reading "The American Wife" and really enjoying it.
Amazing when a different style of writing hooks you and keeps you interested.
Supposedly it is to be compared to Laura and George Bush, but not in Texas.
umm hmm, yeah.

ANYWAY ! In the beginning of the book, the main character discovers that her grandmother is gay. This sparked a memory that had been buried for years.
My second cousin, Marie, left her husband and family for her lesbian lover.
Now in the late 60's and early 70's, you didn't say gay.
And being raised as a southern baptist, you didn't say lesbian.
I believe my grandparents called the lover "THAT woman".
AMAZING what one memory can do. I began to remember Marie's family, the kids, the summers we spent on the beach.

There are so many things that I just do not remember -- all blocked out -- I wonder what if this will spark more memories.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Still plugging away but the end is in sight.
Finish the section I am on -- figure out how to use the last 3 different kinds of beads.
Finish the top. Make the bottom.
And viola !

I will be finished !
Hallaleujah !

Whooohoooo !

I made gravy today -- for biscuits and gravy for breakfast -- for the first time in 6 or 7 years.

Truth be told, it needed more salt and pepper.
But it was edible.
And I was stunned that I could still do it!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Guilty as charged

I'm guilty of not posting any of the pictures of my BJP.
I have 6 or 7 done.

In my defense, I have been so involved in the BFAC project.
There are only 30 days left -- and I have much left to do.
Once I am finished, back I go !

Monday, June 1, 2009


New business in my building offered free 20 minute massages this week.
Ok, I bit for it --- I did the reflexology !
Nummy nummy my feet feel yummy!

I would have scheduled another but they were pushing PUSHING the membership.
And right now I just can't do $60 per month.

::: sigh :::

but I did tip him !