Sunday, November 29, 2009

The abandoned house on old English Creek Road.


Be careful what you ask for ....... Birthdays can produce that!

Colleen smoked me and tricked me on a present.
When we were in Savannah in a little gift shop near "The Lady and Sons", I saw a pin that I liked.
It is a beautiful Hibiscus pin.
No price on it, we were in kind of a hurry, so I didn't ask.
She snuck back and bought the pin!
Whooo hooo !!! I was quite surprised!
And she got me an awesome fleur de lys shirt too !

He got me a new lens for my camera: Canon F/2 60mm.
I can't wait to experiment with it.
The ratings all say that it is a good portrait lens too.
This should be nice :)

Birthday was great -- I loved every minute of it !

Even the arguments re why I didn't want a cake -- to much sweets for me!!

Birthday day !

Birthday was awesome.
I spent the day with the family -- as it should be !

Colleen and I went out and ran a couple of errands early -- before the crowds got out.
I bought myself the new Bon Jovi cd while it was still on sale at BestBuy.
Stopped at Kohl's and grabbed some socks while I still had a discount card.
(For the record, socks are like Christmas lights to me........ you just can't have enough of them!).

A couple of other stops and we were home.
He got up and then off we went on our days adventure.

I opted for the local diner for brunch -- I had a craving for a Belgian waffle.

Lunch done and we headed out to the Noyes Museum.
They have an exhibit for photo's from Weird NJ magazine.
I was a bit disappointed -- some were good, a couple were REALLY good.
A lot were mediocre.
But we enjoyed it -- and Colleen and I took in the other exhibits as well.
(Noyes is very small -- very. But it is an enjoyable afternoon for a small price).
The gift shop has someone's beaded bracelets for sale -- nice, but nothing spectacular.
And the beaded Christmas ornaments were "ok" -- but then, I am not a basic beaded ornament person.
Show me something that rocks my socks off and I am impressed -- but basic netting over an ormanent?
Not gonna flip my switch.

After that we ran out the the Feed Store on English Creek road -- Colleen needed to get Frontline for the dogs. I mistakenly grabbed the coupon out of the local magazine -- $2 off your purchase over $30.
I failed to see the small fine print "not good on Frontline". Very small print.
The guy at the register was down right rude about it. He snipped at me. I took the coupon back, apologized, said that I did not see the fine print and I walked out of the store, leaving them to get their merchandise.
I will NOT go back there.
Probably no skin off if his nose, but they have lost a customer because of his rudeness.

Then we went driving... our "adventures" as we call them. Start out -- random turns, just being Lookie Lou's -- enjoying the day.
We ended up down a road that came out on the bay -- it had a marina but we couldn't get all the way down to it because of the big holes in the road. Had we had one of the CRV's it would have been ok, but Colleen's care is a bit lower to the ground so we didn't chance it.
As we came back up the street there was a great old abandoned house. I jumped out to take some pictures.
There is something about old buildings that I love.
Methinks part of the attraction is the element of danger, of being someplace I shouldn't be.

Home, leftovers, warmth (It was quite breezy and cold for me yesterday).
And presents !

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ok, OK I am up.......

I have been having HORRENDOUS big toe cramps lately.... it starts and before I can get out of the bed, my big toe is pointing straight up -- and it pulls and hurts and I whine.

So, here I am on a Saturday morning -- been up since about 5. I went and sat with the heating pad and that helped a little.

Tried to go back to sleep but someone was snoring..... so I got up and showered.
Coffee is brewing.
I did some research re the toe cramps -- could be a lot of things.. low on potassium (yes that IS a good answer), blood sugar higher than normal (yes that is a GOOD answer -- I have not been eatting correctly lately and I suspect that too) and a Vitamin D (?) deficiency.
Ok, back I go to the vitamins.

Lots to do today.
Sam's (I think he forgot to buy shampoo......).
A Charity craft show that has been going on in Somers Point for 62 years (they have a beaded pin tradition that I have been told that I "must" see).
ick -- the hardwood floors..... sigh.
beading (YEAH !!)
Need to establish an account so I can buy bags from my friend at her etsy shop.
Need to order presents !!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First time in a long time.....

.. that I do not want to go to work tomorrow.
In a long time --- since I've been in this job.

I just do not want to go.
But I have to..... meetings, etc.


Nor'Easter is finally gone.
Hallelujah !

AC beaches -- well, actually ALL the ones from Long Beach Island down to Cape May -- suffered real damage.
At many access points, the steps down to the beach are collapsed.
Erosion is horrendous.

Part of the lower boardwalk -- down past Showboat and the new casino - is torn up.

I'm just glad it has stopped raining.

It did however make me want weather gear for my camera. Those waves were phenomenal !

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

My day sucketh.
I am so tired that I can barely function.
This weather for 3 days is getting to us.
Nor'easter be damned.

The day did indeed sucketh.
But just like Scarlett sez.... Tomorrow IS another day.

so I must sucketh it upeth.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


It is 27 freakin' degrees this morning.
I am looking outside the window -- the grass is all frosted over.

I am not ready for this........

but on the OTHER hand............... :)

Carrabas Blackberry Sangria

Ok, so I am hooked on sangria again.
I love the Carrabas blackberry sangria -- not so much their food -- I think it is too salty.
But I love the sangria.
It seems it uses a liqueor called Tuaca -- I've located THAT.
There is also a mix called Monin Blackberry Sangria mix. Can't find that. Hmmmm.
I can buy it from Amazon -- but that sort of defeats instant gratification.....

what to do what to do.

Breederc Cup

Short afternoon of racing yesterday.
I was proud of myself -- picked two winners and one second place.
That's better than I did when we actually WENT to BC a couple of years ago.

Races start today at 1. I'll be parked in the living room, with my beads and muchies and diet coke (maybe coffee because it is 27 degrees here this morning !).

At any rate, I am concerned about the Classic -- Zenyatta is racing there instead of in yesterdays Ladys Classic.
I hope she runs well. It will break my heart if anything happens to her -- and I would hate to see them break her spirit.
All the jocks will be gunning for her -- to keep her from winning. Hey, that's the nature of the race.



I can't live without: those I love, horses, music, diet coke, beading, reading, Dunkin Donut coffee (extra cream, some splenda),

My bead philosophy is: just keep working at it. Do what makes ME happy and try not to conform to what I think others want me to do.

I always: think the best of people, even when I disappoint myself with them/their actions.

I'd describe my life as: good, very good; for the most part very happy; blessed and lucky.

I have a crush on: Jon Bon Jovi.

I think:
Ashley Judd is so beautiful.

I struggle with: my weight, my patience, certain forms of beadwork.

Rules I try to live by: Be on time, give them another chance, be patient, and try not to be a smart ass.

At home, you can find me: beading, playing the stupid game on the computer, reading.

I wish: I had enough money to buy a house either a LBI, NJ (right on the water so I could have a room to bead in -- facing the surf), or at Big Sur -- on an overlook.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New things..

New governor -- big whoop. Like that will make things change.

New Jim Butcher book: MAJOR excitement.

My world, welcome to it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

So, I've been singing it wrong...

Carrie-Anne -- by the Hollies.

OOPS -- it is supposed to be:

"Hey, Carrie-Anne, what's your game now?
Can anybody play?"

"hey, Carrie-Anne, what's your game now?
Not that anybody plays......."


Sunday, November 1, 2009


I was driving home from my pedicure and the radio began playing "Just Got Paid Today" -- by ZZ Top.

Wowser, I haven't heard that in years and years.
Takes me back to Spiro's (bar) and hearing Skip's band play it.
Last set of the night (about 1:30 a.m.).
Jeb was wasted -- the slide guitar solo was no where NEAR the original.

Lastly, Jeb takes a step and he misses the edge of the stage and falls off.

We all laughed until we damn near "Pirates of Penzance" .......

What a smile today!

Ok -- I am revitalized......

I've spent some time looking at other art.
Maybe I am ready to JUMP back and be who I know I am and can be.

Breeders' Cup

I'm pretty anxious for next Saturday to get here -- Breeder's Cup !

Been watching Zenyatta's workouts -- she had an amazing one yesterday.
No decision has been made yet -- Lady's Classic race vs The Classic (against the boys).

Part of me wants her to run against the boys and beat the snot out of them.
Part of me doesn't want her to -- were she to lose, it would break her spirit.

I am surprised that the owners have kept her on the track this long.
It could have an adverse reaction when they take her to the breeding shed.
I wonder how long it will take her to work the track, the chemicals, etc., out of her system so that she can settle down and be a mommy.
She might never be able to have a foal.
That would be sad..... she is such a wonderful horse.

Getting Back on Track

I'm still struggling since returning from Tahoe.
Not sure what happened.
Well, I have an idea ---- and I am keeping it to myself.
Something "put me off my feed", as we would say about horses.
Why I let myself be intimidated, I don't know.

NO --- I intimidated myself with this person.
She could care less about me, or the art I have -- in fact, that was pretty darned obvious.
I'm like a terrier with a ragtoy -- I have not been willing to let go of my feelings.
I keep telling myself to "Feel the feeling and let it go.
nope -- not working.
I seem more inclined to feel it, leave it alone, pick the scab off and torture myself with MY pain again and again and again.

SIGH -- maybe if I go out in the car and yell really loud I will feel better!

I have been struggling for two weeks to get back in to my art.
Last night I took a baby step.
That helped.
I will do more today.
and make myself, every day this week.

Next week is Breeder's Cup Saturday.
We'll hunker down for the day -- horseracing, beading, and munchies - a great time will be had by all.