Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday morning at the Shore

Icky humid.
Colleen and I got the store run over with in a hurry.
I swear, prices keep going higher!

We came home, put everything up and changed clothes. Off to the beach to look for shells -- thinking that since we had a storm the pickings would be better than usual.
Our adventure took us over to North Brigantine Beach -- we haven't been there before.
The waves were just too high to warrant being on the beach.
We did stay and watch a few surfers though -- in the foggy misty rain.
Perhaps we will venture back again before the weather turns too cold.

Off the island and back across AC and we landed back at Ventor City beach.
Tide was beginning to come in with moderate sized waves.
This time we walked back towards AC instead of up towards Margate.
The pickings were slim.
By the time we turned around to head back the choices were getting better.
Right in front of where we walk out to the beach it got better.
The trip was cut a bit short, but we both still got some shells.

This will be a weekend adventure until the weather gets just too cool to brave it.
The downside to our little adventure is that I just hate the stickiness of the salt water.

And I swear, someone just keeps on flushing this thing -- I see a shell, grab for it, someone hits the flush button again.
Up come the waves, I get wet again.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shore good weekend

It was chilly yesterday -- and downright COLD last night !
I had the bathroom window open a bit -- and the fans pulled the air through in to the bedroom. Felt good.
The cold, combined with a tylenol pm, made me sleep better.
Got up yesterday before 6 - I worked about 4 hours on work stuff. Then quit.

We ran around.
Had chinese for lunch -- I napped about 45 mins on the couch.
Nothing big.
C and I went to the library -- I am reading very light summer books (Mary Kay Andrews? ) -- light novels about Savannah. They are amusing and I can read them at night and on the train.

Up earlier today and worked about 2.5 hours for work.
Today was nails day.
We came home and had breakfast.
Then I convinced Colleen to "... let's go over to Margate beach -- I need to get some shells...." Another adventure.
We somehow got turned around and ended up at Ventnor City beach -- that was fine -- about a half mile walk up to Margate Beach.
Nice to be out .The weather was good -- still sunny, windy but not cold.
Well, the water was nippy but not COLD.
Waves were good -- several surfers out doin' their surfing thing.
Picked up a few shells -- got wet.
I love walking in the water -- HATE walking back up the beach in the sand -- and I absolutely hate my feet being all sandy. What can I say??? I'm weird.

Ahh -- and here it is -- time to start getting ready to go back to work.
We missed the store today -- I'll have to stop after work tomorrow. Need staples -- and I need some fabric dye.
My mind is churing with an idea.
I just finished a little beaded pug for Colleen -- nothing spectacular, but a nice little pugly guy for her.

dang, there is MONSTER mosquito in here!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

This day just sucks

Ramblings and noise got me up at 3:55.
I couldn't go back to sleep til 4:40.
So at 4:25, I got up.
Got dressed, left for work.
Ungodly humidity.
Train was 25 minutes late.
Just as it pulled in and we stood up from the bench, something bit my left index finger.
Within 5 minutes it was swelling up.
Someone on the train had ice in the lunch pack. We iced it.
By the time I got to my desk (about an hour and 15 mins later) it was bruising.
Still swollen.
About 9 or so, I was feeling spacy and decided perhaps I should come home.
Just missed the 10:20 train and had to wait til 11:40.
Got to the doctors office -- I had to wait almost an hour and half past my appt.
At least he apologized profusely (well, I think it was because I opened the door as he was walking by -- and it embarressed him).

I have a spider bite."Most NJ spiders aren't poisonous -- if it had been a black widow, you would have already had a seizure."
That's optomistic!
Finger has cellulitis.
They put me on antibiotics and hot compress' -- and told me to watch it closely.
It sucks. So I missed a half day from work.
AND I have a day scheduled off tomorrow !

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm remembering already today.
Where I was.
What we were doing.
Trying to find out what was going on and only being able to pick up the Spanish speaking tv channel.
I remember being at the top of the hill and being able to see the smoke.
The cars in the train parking lots -- with the white stripes on the tires.
I remember calling and calling to see if our friends who worked in the tower were ok.
I can't forget.
And I will not forgive.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Saturday -- Hanna

We are fine -- LOTS of rain and wind. Still raining.
There is a tornado watch nearby til 7 pm.
Once it settles, I shall venture out to ShopRite for Crystal Lite.

In a bit I shall make a pot of DD coffee and settle in to watch something on HBO -- and work on a new freeform bracelet.
This afternoon I just finished the collar portion of the necklace that I started in Sherri's class.
All that is left is the pendant, and then some pictures.

Must start laundry so that I have clean clothes for the trip to Baltimore tomorrow.

Monday, September 1, 2008


If you never push yourself, you'll never see how far you've come.