Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2011

End of the year and I am doing some reflecting.

It HAS been a good year.
We are healthy (well, we could be better), happy and in good spirits.
We are safe.
We love each other.
We protect each other from harm and foulplay.

There are things that could be better.

We could all be better about our messes in the house.
We could be better about our health.
We could be better about our spending.
But that's ok.
We are safe.

My art --- I could be so much more productive.
But I will not punish myself for this.
Only will vow to make it more of a priority this year.

I am wandering, hopelessly wondering, what happened to people this year.
Sometimes I punish myself for placing too much importance on people.
I am always astounded at people's actions.
And I spend too much time wondering why.
This year I need to toughen up and say SCREW IT.
If it were that important, you'd make an effort.
If not, my plan is to move on.

Not to be negative, these are the thoughts that I have today, the last day of 2010.