Monday, January 18, 2010


I must settle down and force myself to work with Photoshop.
There may be a moment this year when I have to do more photo's.

Have a copy -- wish there was someone here to work with me with it.
Must. Spend. More. Time. With. It.

Or I guess I can check out "Photoshop for Dummies" from the Library.
::: sigh :::
My friend, the library :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

In the words of Dr. Phil.....

"What were they thinkin' ??"

Has AmEx lost its' mind?

Exchange my reward points for certificates to The Cheesecake Factory??

good god, ya'll

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another weekend :)

The Eagles lost last night. darn.......... (she said with a snicker in her voice face....).

A guest for breakfast -- went well. A little stilted at first, but we survived.

Cold cold again today. 14 degrees this morning and a wind chill of 3. HELLO !!This is NOT the midwest !

Laundry almost done.
Errands ran.
Meatloaf in the oven for dinner and leftovers tomorrow.
I need to wash my hair before it gets much later.

I am woking on a beaded quilted piece. need to settle in and do that.

This cold weather is killing my hands -- they are so dry -- no matter what I do to them.

Must drive to PA tomorrow for a meeting.
It should go well.
And I will be smart and complete my expense report asap -- it will give me idle spending money.

I got the Wii back up again -- used it last weekend. I'd like to get Wii Resorts. a friend is going to hook me up on how to use a hard drive with the Wii and then I can have lots of games!Sweet.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New project

Working on something new right now -- a rush project.
Only have 20 days to finish it.

Have to put the BJP on hold for a few days.

film at eleven

My friend Kathy

My friend Kathy died last Sunday night (BTW, on the 38th anniversary of my fathers death).
Yet another reason for me to hate 12/27.
But the date has nothing to do with it.

We organized a successful fundraiser for her -- to help with the bills -- and we raised a nice tidy sum.
Kathy was there -- god, it was so good to see her, to hear her laugh, to see her smile.
She looked good !

October was the last time I saw her.

She called me the next morning and left a voice mail on my cell phone.
I called her back -- she didn't ever call me back.
I sent cards every week.
I called and left messages.
She didn't call me back - at all.

Kathy was, well .... Kathy.
She had the biggest heart.
She would help anyone that needed it.
She could curse like a sailor.
ZOMG the times she made me laugh -- cursing at people in our office.
We were the bitchin' buddies -- we'd order lunch (most often Chinese from Mr. Wonton's -- sometimes subs from Michelli's) and go in conference room and shut the door.
Let the bitchin' begin!
And the laughter.
She made the difficult times more bearable.

But then, she didn't call anyone back.
With discussion with other friends, even people who had known her for 10 plus years, we came to the conclusion that she was distancing herself from us.
Preparing us for her death -- if you want to look at it that way.

She's been dead a week tomorrow.
No obituary yet.
Nothing about a service -- even a memorial service.
Her son is to be making the arrangements.

She HAS been cremated (her wishes).

I've decided that I need to say my goodbyes.
Weather permitting, next weekend, I think I will go down to the pier at Ocean City and throw some rose petals in to the Ocean.
Kathy loved Ocean City. She loved the ocean.
I don't know any other way to say goodbye and to tell her how I feel.