Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend update

It's getting hot again here.
Not much going on.

On Saturday we went to see Eat Pray Love. It made me cry in several places.
And it forced me to remember that I do need to forgive myself for some things.
And to acknowledge that there are things that I am not responsible for.

My current project involves greens. I am making a freeform bracelet for myself.
For this to be freeform, it sure does take a lot of planning on my part !

Rachel Alexandra did not win her race yesterday.
I didn't think she would.
Making her Horse of The Year was not a good decision.

Our area has had strong riptides this weekend and stronger ones predicted for later this week.
Colleen and I went down to the beach yesterday.
It was nice.
And I discovered this morning that we went with last years tags....... sheesh.

We'll be going again on Thursday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The temps yesterday morning were great -- til about 10:30 and then the humidity kicked in.
We were out yard-saling and it got a bit warm.
Colleen got the steal of the day -- a great little purse that she is going to bead.

I picked up a mint Brownie movie camera.
Not sure what I am going to do.
Part of me said parts, but I had to take it apart......

things lacking at the show

I found it odd that there was a noticeable lack of dichroic glass artists at the show.
One of the things I wanted was dichroic glass cabs.
And very little to be found.

Guess I will hit ebay.

What did I buy?

Crystals -- tiny tiny TINY ones.
oh me Lordy, I do love me some tiny crystals.

And hot fix crystals too.
And some pearls, seeds, and some odd little things to use in quirky little places.

This time my color chart was quite different and a tiny bit out of my comfort zone -- but I am feeling good about it

Vivid purple, golds, margarita greens.

And then there is that whole green group -- so that I can finish a bracelet for ME !
We discovered that I do not keep anything for me -- and I had almost nothing of my creations to wear to the show.

I need to be on a quest for myself.

Now I am on a kick of wanting to wire crochet again -- I did one necklace for myself over a year ago.
Looks like I will have to re-teach myself.
And that whole turn part looks a bit intimidating.
But I will buy some cheap wire from Michael's and work on it.

Then there is the purse I need to finish for myself.
And a bracelet for a co-worker/friend.
OH and either a pin or bracelet for me -- I am thinking bracelet as I have some ideas re racing silks.
so much and not enough time.

Friday things

Colleen and I went to Beadfest in Philly, on Friday.
Our yearly trek.
Our yearly epsioe fo "Thelma and Louise" on the road.

As usual, it was a good trip, filled with much laughter, many beads, sore feet and knee's.
And then there are the other issues.

Other issues?
Yeah, like our argument over who would be who?
She's always the "L" names..
She's always Lucy.
and Laverne.
And she wants to be Louise.

I never get to be "L" names when we have a road trip.

This time she decided that I had to be Cletus and she got to be Bandit.
You know, a la "Smokey and The Bandit".

I guess there is something to be said for me NOT being pigeonholed in the Jackie Gleason character.

And then there's the whole "Rocky" theme that I am compelled to sing every time, I mean EVERY time we pass near the Philadelphia Art Museum.
Now she's making up words to make me laugh so that I will quit singing.
That works.

We had a wonderful time seeing Betcey and Nikia.
We made a couple of new friends.
Hell, we listened to people bitch about their local bead societies.

And we spent sizeable dollars.

I got a new toy -- a hot fix crystal thing -- looks like I may be "blinging" some things.
Look out cat.........
and pug
and poodle.

All and all, a good time was had by all.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I'm doing.....

Because my project for BFAC is finished, I thought I would zip back and work on the purse that I started in Sherri's class.
Alas, that didn't work.
I wasn't feeling the love for what I started.
Colleen helped me to "allow" myself to start over.
(when we go to Beadfest tomorrow, I am going to look for new colors).

In the meantime, I am working on a freeform bracelet for me !!

ACK !!

What happened to my drive?
what happened to my discipline with posting?

Methinks work and life got in the way.
Well, and I've been working, with Colleen, to get the BFAC items logged in!

Back to it.
I'll be more faithful!