Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day off !

A glorious day off !
We have big plans today.

We are going to lunch at the culinary school of arts.
$8 -- and I have heard that the food is very good.
Colleen and I are off to a short trip to the Atlantic City Race Course.
They only race 6 days-- on the turf only.
And no big names, no stakes.
But it is LIVE and it is horses!

In it's heyday, ACRC was a happenin' place.
Now it is like the old maid auntie who lives on SS and cat food.
Should make for some interesting photo's (I hope).

AND she and I are driving over to Margate to pick up beach tags for the summer !

and I will still have 2 days off !

Tahoe Bead Retreat

Last night we committed ourselves to the art retreat in Tahoe.
Due to unforeseen circumstances here lately, it was a stretch to get ourselves set financially.
But this was something we wanted to do, we are saving, so we are jumping in.
The registration is paid for.
We are working on the flights.
Hotel is reserved.
I just hate hate HATE that long flight back!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We've had huge storms for the past hour.
I love thunderstorms and listening to it all.

Things have calmed down a bit.
I shall take my shower and then lay in the bed and watch it storm!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ovation TV

Ovation TV

now that we have DirectTV, Colleen and I have discovered Ovation TV.
What a wonderful channel !

The specials on photographers inspire me daily!

North Jersey Saturday

Had a wonderful day yesterday -- well except for ONE thing.... and I am not going in to that.

Weather was fantastic -- 74 degrees !
Sunny !

hopped in the little vehicle -- stopped at Formica Brothers for bread to take.
Grabbed some DD coffee and off I went.

Got up to North Jersey -- stopped and bought cereal at the Stop & Shop (yes I am addicted to their store brand Bran flakes).
Did the errand. ::: sigh :::

Then on to my gal pals for the quarterly luncheon.
Oh my god we had the best time.
Ate like pigs and just laughed and talked and enjoyed ourselves!
Seems like the time goes so quickly now that we set a specific time !

A grand time was had by all !!

The trip home was good. Got home about 8:30 -- a solid 12 hour day.
A gazillion bug guts on the windshield -- cleaned it as best as I could -- but will hit the carwash today

Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's adventure

Today is adventure day.
We all have the day off.
We'll probably hit Home Depot first to grab a shovel and some weed killer.
Then the adventure begins.
We have 2 prime destinations.
The last being the Heavenly Ham store in Marlton by 6:30 -- to pick up our honey baked ham for the holiday (which won't wait til Sunday, but that's ok !!).

Lunch is in Collingswood at The Pop Shop.
Bobby Flay did a "throw down" with them so I am intrigued enough to make a road-trip.
They have 36 different kinds of grilled cheese -- and that is what the throw down was.

Wish I was sleeping better.
Up every 2 hours or so.
The house is so air tight that I get so dry and thirsty.
First I drink some water .
Then I get up and pee.
Two hours later the cycle begins again.
Methinks I need to get a humidifier.

I also want to go to either GNC or The Vitamin Store -- want to give the Omega 3's a chance.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ouchies !

I was teaching Colleen how to use UTEE .

I burned my finger.
Looks like I won't be beading for a bit.
Not long -- but not tonight.