Monday, June 14, 2010

Nice Weekend; horseracing

It WAS a great weekend!
Didn't do that much, but we have fun.

I've been terribly tired -- but I attribute that to the rx. (yes I am self medicating, I stopped one of the nighttime pills for a couple of days and I feel good again. Maybe I will do every OTHER night).

Saturday was low key: errands, bought fresh bread, etc.
We watched Rachel Alexandra win the Fleur De Lis stakes at Churchill Downs. (a stakes after my own heart !).

Then Sunday we watched Zenyatta win at Hollywood Park.

Part of me wants to see them meet -- part of me doesn't.

And then there is the part that wants to see Zenyatta retired, go out undefeated.
I'm afraid they will run her down.
It's said that she is pointed to the Classic again this year at Breeder's Cup (at Churchill Downs) -- makes me just a bit twitchy to think about it.
I know someone who knows someone and I thought about asking about tickets, but...... don't know yet.


Still plugging away on my BFAC. But I am getting closer to the 2/3's mark.
Since I am off today, I am going to work on it for about an hour, then we will go out and run errands.

I'll be glad when it is completed so that I can go on to another project!!
Like RAW.
Or an idea that is pulsing in my brain!

Time is just so short.
And I bead so freakin' slow --- I just can not fling them on like hand grenades.
They all must be RIGHT.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy weekend !

Saturday morning was hair day -- I'm good for a bit longer :)
Then from the hair appt, we went straight to the Post Office and completed the passport phase of my life.
Ok, as soon as it comes, I am READY to start getting stamped!

Back to the house and we hung out, watched the Belmont.
I can not believe that I picked the winner for Himself and not for me! Sheesh!

As soon as the race was over, we drove down to the beach. At 7 pm, it was almost empty.
I didn't have the nerve to get my feet wet -- somehow I just know it is still too chilly!
And sticky -- salt water and no towel to clean off with afterwards... no thank you !

We left the beach for a quick dinner of chinese -- low mein minus the mushrooms, thankyouverymuch. Yummy.

Back home, beaded for a while and then showered and bedy-bye.

Today was fairly quiet.
Grocery store -- off the get a mani & pedi.
I stopped on the way home and bought a gazillion strawberries (my current fruit addiction).

Out when He left for work and Colleen and I hit Borders. She got the new Laurel Hamilton and I bought an atlas.

Home again, home again jiggidity jig.
I worked more on the BFAC project, then reframed something.
Light dinner, more beading while watching old episodes of True Blood -- yay it starts again next week!.

Now I am catching up, eatting my strawberries and will shower, then hit the bed.
I am in the middle of the newest Jim Butcher book -- great reading!