Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting old and change ....

Sometimes .... sometimes I say ... I will admit that I harbor third, "ideas" ... ok... sometimes I harbor resentment.
It's true.
I just read someone's blog in which they pontificated about what they do ... and believe me, this is NOT the norm.
It irritated me.
I wanted to add a comment and says ".. oh no you don't !!" .
But then I realized that maybe sometimes they do just that they say they do.
And maybe that time we spent together was NOT the norm for them.

Colleen tells me often that I need to let go of things.
I know I should.

My grandmother used to tell me that I was wasting emotion -- especially if the other person had no idea of the way I felt.

Ok -- this is Kate -- trying to let go of some resentment.
The person doesn't know how I feel ... and unless I have the opportunity to tell them, who is it irritating?
only me.

Only me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Change is good, I guess....

... but I really do not like the new look of Blogger.
It makes it hard for this old woman to come back and try to update.

But I digress. I CAN do it.