Sunday, June 29, 2008


Friday night we went out to dinner.
Funny thing is, the appetizers are awesome.
Their main course was good.
My pasta sucked -- it was way before al dente.
It was freaking crunchy.
I sent it back.
The waiter was wonderful and I tipped him well -- not his fault.

Saturday was our big Yard Sale (in the entire complex).
The weather was BRUTALLY hot.
Good lord.
We didn't make money hand over fist.
But we did make about $50 before the fee. (weird thing is -- in our little town, you can only have 2 yardsales a year--- and the police go out and monitor them every weekend!).
Funny people showed up -- the little oriental man who was speed walking and checking out all of the houses (3 on our cul de sac; the black couple who had us rolling laughing; the little old lady with ONE tooth on the bottom (dressed in two black sweaters and long pants) who just wanted to tell us jokes and "listen to you laugh... you have brought so much joy to my day."C tried to give her a bottle of water -- we were worried about her out in the heat.

It was supposed to last from 9 to 2. We were out beating them away at 8.
At 12:30 -- I surrendered to the heat. We didn't have much left anyway.
There were some bargains to be had -- especially if we liked you: I practically gave away a handmade quilt stand to this wonderful couple from New Orleans.
C fell in love with this little boy from across the street -- and sold him her pink dumbbells "I'm gonna get me some muscles now!".
It was fun in a twisted way.
We took showers, ate and collapsed in the A/C for the remainder of the afternoon.
I think we went out and ran an errand but I can't remember.
When she went to bed, I watched part of Rounders, worked on my bracelet (pink and black) and then collapsed in bed.
Slept like a rock.

Today was off to the store.
Back home.
I did work from home for about 2 hours (I HATE the end of the month).
We did breakfast.
Then goofed a bit.
Out to Bed Bath & Beyond.
Another short errand and back home.
I had tons of laundry to do.
Tomorrow I am going in on the 4:40 train.
Last day of the month and there is too much to do. 3.5 days to work this week.
Thank you sweet Jesus.
We get off at 1 on Thursday and my fat ass will be on the 1:47 pm train home!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last night.........

......... Late last night -- about 1:45 a.m.
I took a fall.
Not sure what happened, or HOW it happened.
I think I was getting up to go to the bathroom.
Maybe I was too close to the edge.
Maybe I was tangled up in the comforter.
The only think I know is that I started tumbling, hit the bedside table with my right shoulder -- got a horrendous scratch and ended up on the floor.
I may have hit my neck on the bed or bedside table during the fall but don't know for sure.
Maybe I just jammed it.
I kept calling out.
No response.
I could see the light on in the hallway.
I kept calling.
And crying.
Then cursing.
Finally I was able to drag myself up and get out in to the hallway.
Finally I was heard.
I was so afraid.
And hurting.
And crying.
But then it was all better -- back in to bed with a quarter of a pill.

Today I was so stiff I could hardly move.
My friend Mindy (from China) gave me some weird kind of magnetic herbal patches to use.
And they helped a bit.
My muscles were screaming by the time I got home (AND I had to take the late train because of a client call !).

Jumped in the shower and let the water just drown me.
It felt so good.
Colleen made me something to eat (noodles -- comfort food).
I took another 1/2 pill about an hour ago.
Now readyy to take my whiny ass to bed.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where do the weekends go?

Saturday morning we ran errands and then came home to hang out.
Stopped at the libray -- I got "Boardwalk Empire". It's the story of AC (from the early days) and HBO is supposed to be contracting a mini-series out of it.
Also grabbed a Trigianna novel that I managed to miss.
Colleen got the last "Dresden File" by Jim Butcher.
Lord, I do so love that series.

The confirmation phone call came from Ida and after we stopped for some cookies -- Colleen and I jumped on the Parkway and zipped down to Cape May.
Had a great time -- it's always fun to hang out and talk good stuff with Ida.
Books, beads, tv, movies. We covered it all.

She loaned me her angel book -- so I can finish the angel I started.
On the next trip down to Cape May, I'll take it back to her and we will also carry along a stack of books!
RE-cycle -- that's the way.

Watched some tv and beaded last night.

We had manicure appts this morning and the girl messed them up.
So, off we will go later this afternoon.
Right before I will dash by Lenscrafters and see if I can find a pair of sunglasses.

Then a relaxing evening at home.
Back to work tomorrow........... sigh.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday -- the piers/the shore

acch -- today was down to Wildwood --took off work (and still nursing the cold thing).
Just as we were gathering up all our stuff to leave, the news came on and there had been a fire at one of Morey's Piers down at Wildwood.
No way to change it, so off we went.
Yup -- small fire (but it took out the bumper cars and another ride).
The picnic went on (all the rides and the water rides), but we lost our food passes and the tram pass, but we still had fun.
Geez Louise was it HOT !
The Wonder Wheel ferris wheel was awesome -- rode it 3 times -- and when you are up that high the breezes are wonderful !
The top of my head is sunburned.
My nose is sunburned.
I am EXHAUSTED -- my knee is screaming.
But we had fun.
Stopped on the way out of town for the first round of Minature Golf -- it was just too hot for me to be serious -- but I only lost by one stroke.
Thank heaven it was the first game and we were not betting seriously -- that comes later in the year.

Luckily the storms didn't hit til we got home !! and then they were monster thunderstorms!

I splurged and took tomorrow off too!
Hair appt first thing in the morning.
Then off to Best Buy to look for a game for our new toy -- the Wii !
I love it !

Then I will work more on the Pink Zebra bracelet and then possibly work on my BFAC.
Want to get that last part done and in the mail.

Catching up -- the Weekend

Both Colleen and I were sick.
On Saturday, my main excursion out today was to the eye doctor -- who unexpectedly dilated my eyes.
At 6:30 -- after sleeping most of the afternoon (due to the cold), I ventured out to get some soup for us.
She wanted Oreo's so I hit the store for Oreo's and popsicles.
damn I fell into the Oreo pit.

Sunday we were supposed to zip down to Cape May to see Ida -- but neither of us was up to the drive.
Again -- we slept off and on most of the day.
She on one couch.
Me on the other.
Dog with her.
Cat with me.

A short trip to the store and home again.
We had rain storms.
I tried to bead some -- still working on the Pink Zebra bracelet.
Not much work done.