Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So many projects, so little time

I'm still working on my BFAC project. I get about 2 hours at night to work on it.
Once I get the main items finished, I think I can do the small handwork on the train -- that won't involve beads and the rockin' n rollin' of the rails !

I have another project to finish.
Then I must start these.
Wild thing is, I have the idea for the first two months -- just have to get started.

I know I have one day off from work this month -- that will give me about 5 hours to work and I can make significant headway.

We went to the quilt show last weekend and I bought only a small stash of material.
One quasi-large project -- well, medium sized !


Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh show us your fabric & I'll show you mine - Oh right I did LOL

Katie B said...

You are so cute!
I never seem to get stuff scanned but I promise I will try !