Sunday, May 11, 2008


I caught the train in to Philly to work -- so far behind on MY work since I fired the man.
Colleen wanted to go so that she could "explore".
Nice ride in.
She went off to Trader Joe's and then to Barnes and Noble. I worked.
She came back -- with my Omega Trail Mix and her Pralined Pecans.
A trip by B & N brought my copy of "The Art of Bead Embroidery".
It isn't that I need the technique -- stitches. But I need the inspiration for placement -- of thinking FIRST instead of flinging things on.
Not that I do not love freeform (in fact, I am working on the BFAC project for next year - a freeform bracelet) .
But for embroidery there is a place for thinking things out first.
And the book is already inspiring me.
Home and we just hung out. Watched "Now Voyager" -- god ,that IS my movie.
After it was over, Colleen walked the dogs and went to bed.
I kept working on my bracelet and flipped it over to "Hello Dolly".
Not sure why I torture myself with that movie.
Brings back way too many unpleasant memories of the summer/fall of 1971 and then into 1972. Watching that movie is like picking a scab open and probing until it bleeds.
I bled tonight.
Next time maybe I can walk away from it.
Stopped, came and washed the dishes, threw a load of His stuff in the washer.
Now I will putz around a bit.
Still have to make the bed. Ahhh, there is NOTHING like fresh clean sheets.
And I'll spray my Eucalypus spray on the bed before I sink in.

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