Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th was good

The 4th was good !

On the evening of the 3rd we drove over to watch the fireworks -- between the Borgata and Harrah's.
We scored a great place to watch and it was fun!

We didn't do spectacular things, but had fun.
Went out -- drove a bit - stopped someplace different for breakfast. I had "Georgia Peach Pancakes" -- good, but I think they were canned peaches.

Drove more -- we like to just go and take our camera's.
Not much inland. Kinda boring. no pictures this year.
But I saw my first cranberry bogs ! That was cool for a geek like me
We came home, goofed a bit. Went out to see "Wall e" .
Then do dinner at Famous Dave's. ummm BBQ.
I think that choice was inspired by the neighbors awesome BBQ that we saw them working on ! Today we have errands and I think C and I will head down to Cape May for me to return a book I borrowed.
And still have one more day to relax!

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