Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow guilt

I'm feeling Snow Guilt.

My boss closed the office due to the weather.
We got about 7 inches of snow already -- in/around Atlantic City where it NEVER accumulates.

Colleen has to go in.
I offered to drive her and pick her up, but she is trudging on......
so me and the pug and the cats and the poodle have snow guilt because we are home and she had to go to work......

There is a pot of Dunkin' Donuts coffee on -- and I just popped a small pan of cornbread in to the oven.

As soon as the coffee is done, I will make a big cup and go to the living room with the paper.

I need to work on my new BFAC project.
The only problem with that is for some reason I am having terrible wrist pains after working on this portion of it. I am sure once I get to the straight out beading it will be better.
But for now, I just popped 2 advils AND got out the Mineral Ice. (and now have to avoid the cats -- good lord, they love the smell of it !!)

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