Saturday, May 29, 2010


So I'm an easy mark.
I don't usually drink Snapple -- most times the sugar free tea puts me on a major buzz. The kind of crawling on the ceiling buzz.
But as i said, I'm an easy mark.

Yes, I also am Jane Q Public....... I watched The Celebrity Apprentice.
And yes, indeedy, I wanted Bret Michaels to win.
As the program progressed. I find him very likeable, very personable.
He seems genuine.
So, I fought the urge to buy his Snapple tea for about a week.
Couldn't find it anywhere in a single bottle.
I was forced to buy it in the six pack.
It's ok. A bit too fruity for me. But it's ok -- not a bad sugar free taste.
I think the pear flavor is what is a bit overwhelming.
I'll finish the 6 pack but probably won't buy another.
If it was in single bottles I might.

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