Monday, August 4, 2008

Bead Classes/weekend

What a wonderful creative weekend we had.
Colleen and I went to north Jersey for 2 days of classes with Sherry Serafini (
It was time well spent !
I came away inspired, full of desire to do MORE, full of ideas, and energy.
And not NEAR enough time.

Prior to the trip, I had managed to intimidate myself with her art.
But after meeting her, I found she is just like most of us.
Such fun!
Such talent!
Such a great person to learn from.

If I took nothing else away from the classes it was to "STAY IN THE MOMENT !"
Stay with the feeling.
Stay with your thoughts -- work them out.
If you hit a big bump -- lay it down and work on something else.
Sherri has lots of "little projects going on" .
And they can be pulled together to BIGGER projects.

The classes helped my color coordination.
They helped me in breaking out of the box and using other items -- other concepts.
She made me look at things in a new way.

We were up at 5 a.m., on the road by 6:15.
Got there at 9:15.
Shopped a bit, and dug right in for classes.

Saturday evening after we checked in to the hotel, we hit the Ikea (just to grab some pillows), then off to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I'm thinking that I am just about burned out on the Chipolte Chicken Pasta and it is time to try something else for a change.
We were stuffed and zipped (there was no zipping -- we were creaking !) next door to Barnes and Noble.
Colleen wanted a new book-- 2nd day it was out and they were already out of stock! Sheesh.

Our original plan had been to grab a piece of cheesecake and take back to the hotel, but the crowds were too intense.
Off we went back to the hotel and we got in just in time -- the sky opened up and there were horrendous thunder storms.

Sunday morning we were back at the shop -- more bead shopping and we started in again.

We met some very nice people -- I'd like to stay in touch!

Learned new things.
Unlearned one or two also !
Learned to be a better person about some items.

And I learned that I have nothing to fear except myself.


abeadlady said...

Oh! I soooo envy you for being able to take a class from Sherry. I would kill to take a class from her or Heidi Kummli. Instead, I will trek on with my own little muse. New BJP starting next month. Can't wait.

Katie B said...

Arline -- it was worth every minute!
I saved for it -- Colleen and I split the costs (gas and the room to stay over night). We ate cheap (well, except for Saturday night!).
Her class was the jump start I need.
There are so many things I WANT to do but do not have the time (and that stinks!).
Shoot -- I still have to get my pics for the BJP done.

And next year -- good grief. I have idea's but haven't finalized them yet.

Have you already had some ideas?