Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Day in Philly

I had the money call on Wednesday -- handed off the reins on 7 files to my top lady and she did a spectacular job! One of the best hires/promotions I have ever made!
I'm sorry to leave the new person in the MD office -- she still needs help, but there just was no more time for me during this last week.

Contrary to popular opinion, I worked well up til about 2 pm yesterday.
And then I lost interest.
And then........... I deleted 9 voice mails -- just didn't want to deal with them.
Yup, I'd baby bad ass !
I really did not want to be mean, but I just did not want to talk to anyone -- and looking back, I guess I should have forwarded them to the other supervisor, but that thought never crossed my mind. duh ~!!

The people were spectacular to me.
On Wednesday, Tom (one of the other supervisors) made a special batch of his homemade salsa for me. YUMMMM.
One of the vendors wanted to take me out to lunch and spoil me but we couldn't go on Friday -- that was the unit lunch.
Friday; No cake -- PIZZA ! but they ordered from the wrong place -- oh well, I managed to snag the last piece of peperoni and it was good.
Same vendor above brought in cheesecake.

In all the time that I worked in the Philly office, I wondered if anyone there liked me -- I really doubted it. Philly is a "different" place to work -- they are a bit standoffish.
I'm sorry that I didn't know the depth til I left.
Gift cards to DD, one to Barnes and Noble, one to AC Moore.
A scarf.
A fall centerpiece for my table.
Fresh homecooked collard greens (OMG !!).
A stamp set that I had just decided that I wanted!
An umbrella.

And several people telling me that most of all they would miss my laugh. That is the second time in my life that someone has commented on the sound of my laugh and how they remember it, how they enjoy it.

Two of my people came to and told me that while, at times, they did not always agree with me, they were grateful for what I helped them become. "you pushed me to be better."

And we cried. What a softy I am.

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abeadlady said...

Sounds like you had a nice send off, Katie. I can certainly understand your lack of motivation. I wish you well in your new endeavors.
Haven't heard you laugh, but your comments often make me smile, if not laugh out loud.