Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Saturday before Christmas

It was busy !
I was up and on my way to JCP at 7:30.
Got 3 dressshirts and a polo shirt for Himself and spent $55. That was also with a coupon for $10 off of $10 that I spent.
Worked for me!

Colleen and I had hair appt's at 9.
I have given up on having RED hair again --- my stylist just says no.
So I am living with it.
Colleen's tired of hearing me whine -- so I will be good.

Back out in to the cold.
Hit the new Formica Brothers bakery -- OMG the bread was so good.

From there to AC Moore for some ink.

Ran to the library to return books and grab one.

Then home.
We had brunch (eggs 'n toast).
Then Colleen began working on baking.
I sat at the table and worked on my art.

Nice afternoon.
I got sleepy and retired to the living room and napped until the smells drove me nuts and I had to get up.

Checked the weather --- I see north Jersey got 6 to 8 inches of snow.
We had a couple of flurries this afternoon.
Ok, I am spoiled.
I don't miss it.
Well, I don't miss driving in it.
I miss the beauty of it.

We'll eat dinner and then settle in the living room to watch tv and bead.

Ack well, and maybe wrap some presents. I have all of mine to her to do

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