Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some good days/one bad

Have had some good days/some bad.
The hamstring is wild again.
Wednesday at work it tightened up so unexpectedly that I could barely get around.
There were times it took my breath away.
Came home, dug in my stuff til I found the remaining muscle relaxer (my doc refused to give me 10 -- but wanted to prescribe a sleeping pill instead -- twit).
ANYway, I took it and it helped some.
Thursday I was supposed to hit a huge party in Princeton with the main guy -- didn't happen. I could hve done it but would have been miserable and wretched.
Dang it -- I wait all year for that party.
But it will come next year.
Spent the day just enjoying things.

Friday was good
Had a great time -- we drove up old route 9 to Forked River (that is Ford-ed River by the locals) -- we were headed to Seaside but never made it.
Stopped at Surf Taco for lunch -- GREAT wonderful healthy food !
On the way back I convinced them to stop at an architectural salvage yard. -- OMG!
I am sorry that it was so cold ... we could have spend eons there. I took some random pictures that I am going to have to get posted.
He wanted to stop at an antique shop on the way back -- they had vintage coke machines.
That was another adventure.
We hit a bakery further down the road (like any of the 3 of us needed it.....).
Got home, hung out for a bit... then went and had italian for dinner.
Came back and we watched "Wild Hogs".
Then birthday cake -- the three of us have birthdays within 3 weeks so we do the middle one for cake.

A great day.


Henrysmomsmusings said...

The hamstring problem doesn't sound good but the birthday cake, the trip and the Italian dinner do.
Let's hope that hamstring gets better and stays that way!

Katie B said...

I am thinking that until I loose a ton o' weight, the hamstring is going to keep rearing it's ugly head.
I'm shooting for the new year to begin again -- but am already revamping my habits to go BACK to drinking lots of water!