Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's adventure

Today is adventure day.
We all have the day off.
We'll probably hit Home Depot first to grab a shovel and some weed killer.
Then the adventure begins.
We have 2 prime destinations.
The last being the Heavenly Ham store in Marlton by 6:30 -- to pick up our honey baked ham for the holiday (which won't wait til Sunday, but that's ok !!).

Lunch is in Collingswood at The Pop Shop.
Bobby Flay did a "throw down" with them so I am intrigued enough to make a road-trip.
They have 36 different kinds of grilled cheese -- and that is what the throw down was.

Wish I was sleeping better.
Up every 2 hours or so.
The house is so air tight that I get so dry and thirsty.
First I drink some water .
Then I get up and pee.
Two hours later the cycle begins again.
Methinks I need to get a humidifier.

I also want to go to either GNC or The Vitamin Store -- want to give the Omega 3's a chance.

1 comment:

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Have fun on your adventure and enjoy that delicious sounding ham and your planned lunch.
I recommend a humidified. I walked by some really, really cute ones at Target yesterday. They are meant for kids, but who cares?