Sunday, April 19, 2009

North Jersey Saturday

Had a wonderful day yesterday -- well except for ONE thing.... and I am not going in to that.

Weather was fantastic -- 74 degrees !
Sunny !

hopped in the little vehicle -- stopped at Formica Brothers for bread to take.
Grabbed some DD coffee and off I went.

Got up to North Jersey -- stopped and bought cereal at the Stop & Shop (yes I am addicted to their store brand Bran flakes).
Did the errand. ::: sigh :::

Then on to my gal pals for the quarterly luncheon.
Oh my god we had the best time.
Ate like pigs and just laughed and talked and enjoyed ourselves!
Seems like the time goes so quickly now that we set a specific time !

A grand time was had by all !!

The trip home was good. Got home about 8:30 -- a solid 12 hour day.
A gazillion bug guts on the windshield -- cleaned it as best as I could -- but will hit the carwash today


Henrysmomsmusings said...

That sounds like a wonderful day!

Katie B said...

Oh Doris it was a WONDERFUL time !!
Everytime I am around them, I remember how much I treasure them!