Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Ahhhh, a three day weekend!
Made even better with getting out of work an hour early on Friday!

Memorial Day weekend starts the summer madness at the Jersey Shore.
The traffic, the crazy people from NY, PA and north Jersey.

I had given thought to driving down to Wildwood early this morning to check out the kite festival -- what a great photo op that would be.

But it's a well known fact that the traffic would be bumper to bumper on the parkway, so that was eliminated.
I am still toying with the thought for tomorrow morning -- the "Bennies" (slang for peple from Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark and NY) , "Shoobie's" (slang for beach visitors) should all be here by now and if they are driving, they should be considering going north.
It's worth a thought.

We did some running around today. Not much, but some.
Colleen and I always differ on the temperature.
82 and I am roasting.
82 and she is just fine!

Came home and worked on my BFAC project for next year.
Wish I hadn't picked such a time consuming project.
Wish I hadn't sat for almost 3 weeks staring at it and trying to figure out where to go.
Wish I hadn't started over on one part.
But if wishes were horses, all men would ride.

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Henrysmomsmusings said...

I know so well what you mean about the traffic. No, not when going to the beach - I prefer quiet beaches and so far, so good. But otherwise, traffic's bad for holiday weekends and today was no exception. I think I'll stay home for the rest of the weekend.
Enjoy and stay cool!