Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow snow snow snow

Brrr !
The snow started later than planned last night.
It eased up around noon today.
Now it is snowing again -- and is supposed to continue until about 9 pm.
Maybe another 4 to 6 inches.

The development got the street blowed and we have a path to the front door now.
I went out and uncovered the cars.
Colleen was sick yesterday so I did hers today.
I am sure it will cover again -- what with the wind and the snow -- but at least the crusty part is off of them.
Man, there was a few painful moments when the wind was blowing the snow BACK in to my face and stinging.
But I am done.

Going to go work on the chili now.


abeadlady said...

What a good friend you are.

Katie B said...

She's my best friend, the sister that I never had.
We share a brain.

We take care of each other!