Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy weekend !

Saturday morning was hair day -- I'm good for a bit longer :)
Then from the hair appt, we went straight to the Post Office and completed the passport phase of my life.
Ok, as soon as it comes, I am READY to start getting stamped!

Back to the house and we hung out, watched the Belmont.
I can not believe that I picked the winner for Himself and not for me! Sheesh!

As soon as the race was over, we drove down to the beach. At 7 pm, it was almost empty.
I didn't have the nerve to get my feet wet -- somehow I just know it is still too chilly!
And sticky -- salt water and no towel to clean off with afterwards... no thank you !

We left the beach for a quick dinner of chinese -- low mein minus the mushrooms, thankyouverymuch. Yummy.

Back home, beaded for a while and then showered and bedy-bye.

Today was fairly quiet.
Grocery store -- off the get a mani & pedi.
I stopped on the way home and bought a gazillion strawberries (my current fruit addiction).

Out when He left for work and Colleen and I hit Borders. She got the new Laurel Hamilton and I bought an atlas.

Home again, home again jiggidity jig.
I worked more on the BFAC project, then reframed something.
Light dinner, more beading while watching old episodes of True Blood -- yay it starts again next week!.

Now I am catching up, eatting my strawberries and will shower, then hit the bed.
I am in the middle of the newest Jim Butcher book -- great reading!

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abeadlady said...

Sounds like a great weekend.