Saturday, July 10, 2010


Colleen and I arrived safely in Pittsburgh.
I had forgotten how beautiful the countryside is.
'The mountains were a nice remembrance too !

We went exploring last night before we settled in at the hotel.
BTW, got a great rate from Travelocity for 3 nights at a Wyndam.
I found several places I would like to shoot pictures but am not so sure of the safety factor.
The good news is is that I have Colleen with me and that is good!

We stopped at "Dozen Bakery" because the ratings were so good.
"I" was disappointed.
Had been craving a German Chocolate cake for weeks, simply WEEKS. I picked up one and the cake was terrible.
Frosting was good but the cake was awful.
Colleen got some strange cornflake peanut butter chocolate concoction and liked it.
I'm not sure I would go back ---- but they did have a savory pesto scone that I was curious about ......

Today we have day 1 of our class with Sherry Serafini.
She's a fabulous artist and a good friend.
I am looking forward to some serious inspiration!

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abeadlady said...

You two have a wonderful time while you are there. Tell Sherry the Clovis girls are coming to torment her at Tahoe again in Oct.