Monday, July 5, 2010


The heat continues and is estimated to be WICKED this week.
Near 100 most days this week with ongoing humidity.

It was a quiet 4th of July in my world.
Nothing wrong with that!
I am remembering my grandparents -- this holiday was always a big thing.
Because he was a memeber of the VFW and American Legion, my grandfather always had me out helping him to set up flags.
And my grandmothers birthday was July 4 -- so we always had a great time.

Work is good - busy busy BUSY !!!
We have an audit this week.

Friday Colleen and I leave for Pittsburgh.
Will be back on Sunday.
I am excited but also a bit apprehensive.
She says I worry too much.
Maybe I do.

My BFAC is coming along.
I need some jump rings and hope to find them this weekend.
Hopefully will get them, add and be DONE within the next two (2) weeks.

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flyingbeader said...

You are going to have a fabulous time in Sherry's class...I'm so jealous...not as I'll be in cool PNW!!!!! smack me...go ahead.