Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday things

Colleen and I went to Beadfest in Philly, on Friday.
Our yearly trek.
Our yearly epsioe fo "Thelma and Louise" on the road.

As usual, it was a good trip, filled with much laughter, many beads, sore feet and knee's.
And then there are the other issues.

Other issues?
Yeah, like our argument over who would be who?
She's always the "L" names..
She's always Lucy.
and Laverne.
And she wants to be Louise.

I never get to be "L" names when we have a road trip.

This time she decided that I had to be Cletus and she got to be Bandit.
You know, a la "Smokey and The Bandit".

I guess there is something to be said for me NOT being pigeonholed in the Jackie Gleason character.

And then there's the whole "Rocky" theme that I am compelled to sing every time, I mean EVERY time we pass near the Philadelphia Art Museum.
Now she's making up words to make me laugh so that I will quit singing.
That works.

We had a wonderful time seeing Betcey and Nikia.
We made a couple of new friends.
Hell, we listened to people bitch about their local bead societies.

And we spent sizeable dollars.

I got a new toy -- a hot fix crystal thing -- looks like I may be "blinging" some things.
Look out cat.........
and pug
and poodle.

All and all, a good time was had by all.

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