Monday, September 6, 2010

Monster shopping today and boy are my feet tired!

Good sales -- time to start picking up things for Christmas.
I can't believe how quickly the summer flew by.
No, it's not fall YET.
Still warm here in AC.
In fact today, I was breaking quite a sweat while shopping !

We didn't get down to the beach this weekend -- what with all the folks in town.
But we have this week and those coming up!
I need to walk in the water and let the sand be a natural abrasive to my summer time feet.

AND I need some more shell type objects. I think this time we need to go further down the island -- perhaps closer to Margate instead of Ventnor.
I know Cape May is nice but they have too darned many rocks.
I want shells, damnit !

Somewhere on this mess I call a desk I have another listing. Methinks that there is a good beach on Brigantine Island.

Let's see. I am almost through with my bracelet -- for ME. Just a few more little things and then a clasp of some sorts.

Next project? haven't decided yet. There are so many idea's rolling around in my head.

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