Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shore good weekend

It was chilly yesterday -- and downright COLD last night !
I had the bathroom window open a bit -- and the fans pulled the air through in to the bedroom. Felt good.
The cold, combined with a tylenol pm, made me sleep better.
Got up yesterday before 6 - I worked about 4 hours on work stuff. Then quit.

We ran around.
Had chinese for lunch -- I napped about 45 mins on the couch.
Nothing big.
C and I went to the library -- I am reading very light summer books (Mary Kay Andrews? ) -- light novels about Savannah. They are amusing and I can read them at night and on the train.

Up earlier today and worked about 2.5 hours for work.
Today was nails day.
We came home and had breakfast.
Then I convinced Colleen to "... let's go over to Margate beach -- I need to get some shells...." Another adventure.
We somehow got turned around and ended up at Ventnor City beach -- that was fine -- about a half mile walk up to Margate Beach.
Nice to be out .The weather was good -- still sunny, windy but not cold.
Well, the water was nippy but not COLD.
Waves were good -- several surfers out doin' their surfing thing.
Picked up a few shells -- got wet.
I love walking in the water -- HATE walking back up the beach in the sand -- and I absolutely hate my feet being all sandy. What can I say??? I'm weird.

Ahh -- and here it is -- time to start getting ready to go back to work.
We missed the store today -- I'll have to stop after work tomorrow. Need staples -- and I need some fabric dye.
My mind is churing with an idea.
I just finished a little beaded pug for Colleen -- nothing spectacular, but a nice little pugly guy for her.

dang, there is MONSTER mosquito in here!!

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abeadlady said...

I've been having some days like that too, Katie. Even went to the coast last week. Looooove the ocean!