Monday, September 15, 2008

This day just sucks

Ramblings and noise got me up at 3:55.
I couldn't go back to sleep til 4:40.
So at 4:25, I got up.
Got dressed, left for work.
Ungodly humidity.
Train was 25 minutes late.
Just as it pulled in and we stood up from the bench, something bit my left index finger.
Within 5 minutes it was swelling up.
Someone on the train had ice in the lunch pack. We iced it.
By the time I got to my desk (about an hour and 15 mins later) it was bruising.
Still swollen.
About 9 or so, I was feeling spacy and decided perhaps I should come home.
Just missed the 10:20 train and had to wait til 11:40.
Got to the doctors office -- I had to wait almost an hour and half past my appt.
At least he apologized profusely (well, I think it was because I opened the door as he was walking by -- and it embarressed him).

I have a spider bite."Most NJ spiders aren't poisonous -- if it had been a black widow, you would have already had a seizure."
That's optomistic!
Finger has cellulitis.
They put me on antibiotics and hot compress' -- and told me to watch it closely.
It sucks. So I missed a half day from work.
AND I have a day scheduled off tomorrow !

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abeadlady said...

Poor Katie! Owie! Take care of yourself, gf. Try to enjoy your time off.