Saturday, November 29, 2008

It was a GOOD birthday :)

I got up to make the 6 am opening of a couple of stores -- had one VERY important gift to buy.
Then I stopped at Macy's and picked up a set of my favo sheets -- 400 count. I am enthralled with the Charter Club brand. They are "just right". And since my last set became threadbare, it was time.
Well, almost time -- we are getting a new bed - a Queen. So in anticipation, I bought a set of queen sheets !

Three stores, ran by McD's and got a biscuit for me and a sweet tea for Colleen -- and I was home by 7:20 !
I wanted to go by Walmart for gifts for the kids names I drew at work (for the Women's shelter) but there was not enough money to be saved to cause me to go there. Perhaps tomorrow.

Good day -- we goofed about and just relaxed.
Dinner was at Harrah's -- oh my, I am in love with the Mongolian BBQ.
(Today I went by the Oriental Market and bought the brand of hot sauce that is used at the restaurant).

Presents !!
Lots and lots of beads from Colleen -- and a great thermal shirt (Army, no less !!).
And a wonderful sweatshirt from the main squeeze. It says, and I quote: "What part of Ya'll don't you understand?"

My B4B package came on Wednesday and I waited patiently until my birthday to open it.

Ok --- Ghiradelli Milk chocolate with caramel .
Size 15's: bronze, burnt orange and creme pearl.
4 mm purple velvet swarovski bicones.
Dark purple drops and dark purple matte size 11 seed beads to go with the bicones!
Gold, pink and rust colored pearls (a strand each!
Copper colored rondelles for embellishment.
More size 11's: gold lines salmon and then salmon plain (yummmm).
Small gold/yellow daggers for embellishment.
A set of end caps form my kumihomo (way cool -- I can't wait).
the most perfect black onyx SQUARE cab !

My friend Rose sent me 2 lottery tickets -- hopefully I'll scratch and win. But even if I don't, I've won anyway.

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