Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel part 2

Once we got off the plane, we headed straight downtown to The Varsity.

Late Thursday afternoon and it wasn't crowded -- not like a Friday night or after a football game.

Walking across the parking lot, I was withered by the heat dancing off of the asphalt.

My nose started twitching as soon as we walked in.
It was as if I was alone. All I could think about was my chili slaw dog and a hot fried peach pie. Oh, and some onion rings too!

We got our orders and made our way to a table.
I was told that I was making little "umm" noises.
This was the first time that anyone could remember that "I" did that.

My chili slaw dogs (2) were fantastic. And the onion rings were outstanding!

The hot fried peach pie left a bit to be desired. It was greasier than I remembered.
But all in all, the meal was great! (and I really wish I could have had more before we left!).

We stayed at a motel right across the street from Turner Field (new home to the Braves).
I'm old fashioned, I still remember Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.
Luckily, the Braves were NOT in town.

Dinner that night was a visit to the Waffle House (it's a southern thing).
We didn't eat big, but I had eggs and an order of "scattered and smothered".
Good !

Friday morning we were up and out to Cyclorama.
Colleen had been teasing the entire time about how badly she did NOT want to go.
In the end, she enjoyed it too.

Stone Mountain would have been interesting too.
But, time and the heat did not allow for that.

We left there and I stopped to take some pics of old signs.
It was NOT a good neighborhood, but still I had Colleen out of the car with me and He kept the motor running.

On the road now to Savannah.
Friday afternoon and we are tooling down I-75.
A crudely handpainted sign alerted me to my culinary mission.
I finally got my boiled peanuts.
"do you want the 5 dollah cup or the 10 dollah bag?"
I went with the 5 dollah cup.
Lucky for me, they both tried ONE peanut and then said they were all mine.
I ate almost all of them.
Almost as good as I remembered -- should have been cooked in an old black battered pot, under a tent, on the side of the road, by a withered old black man -- but they were still good.

We stopped at a truckstop to get gas and a cold drink.
OMG what a redneck truck stop it was.
In the ladies room there was a machine on the wall that I could not resist.
Yes, I spent 50 cents.
I must take a picture and make a separate post of what I got for my big fifty cents.

And then we got to Savannah.

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Henrysmomsmusings said...

Sounds like you all had a great trip. Pictures, next time? :-)