Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday we stopped at a neighbor's house -- well, the people live all the way down at the other end of the complex -- to look at their patio.
See, the Homeowner's Assoc has rules about what you can and can not do.
Gotta love those rules.
I had wished that our patio "slab" was bigger.
These folks had someone come in and expand with paving stones.
It is absolutely beautiful !
I have the name and will be calling tomorrow !

man, did we have a monster thunderstorm this morning!
At 3 a.m., there was brief lightening and then the skies opened up!
A major downpour which was welcomed because we need the rain for the lawn.

My BFAC is finished -- pictures today and it gets shipped tomorrow.
I'm working on another BJP and have an idea for the next one.

MUST start forcing myself to work on/learn RAW.
I have to be much more comfortable with it by the time we go to Tahoe.

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