Friday, July 3, 2009

And the long weekend begins....

Office let us out at 2 yesterday.
A quick trip to BJ's for regular stuff ($141 worth ick).
Then home to wait for Colleen.
I fed all the animals so we could leave as soon as she got home.
Off to the restaurant -- that was the first time I had ever been in a Glatt Kosher restaurant.
Food was good --- EXPENSIVE !!
Ran by Walmart on the way home. Good god, I won't go back in this weekend if I can avoid that. There are too many "bennies" or "Shobies" down for the holiday weekend!
Italian ice at Rita's and then home.
I was still up at 11:30.
I've been reading Cloth Paper Scissors Studio magazine in hopes for ideas for better organization of my beads. (thanks Dot, for creating a monster!)
I have some idea's. Must sort today.

And I have to get daring and start working with the sewing machine.

There is a nail appt this afternoon.
I need to photograph both Colleen's and my charity piece for next year. They have to be shipped by the first of the week.

Big old Moosie Cat just let hold him (3 times !) for a bit. And almost cuddle him -- big goof :)

More and more is revealed and I am beginning to understand it is not my fault -- but rather that fault is not the right word, but that the other person shares the responsibility in what is not right. (what a great runon sentence THAT was !!! )

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Henrysmomsmusings said...

How's the bead organization coming along? I finished mine, or rather, I decided I was done for the time being.
I am so envious - you have Italian ice nearby.