Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday at the Shore

Nice morning.
No humidity to speak of, a little breezy.
I got up early because I was having nightmares about Colleen bringing a walrus into the house.

We did the library run.
And then on to Formica Brothers bakery -- I wanted some whole grain bread.

A quick stop at the garden store and I bought 2 plants for the front yard.
Would have bought some peppers but the woman kept warning me away from them because they were hot -- hello ! I can read. But I wanted them. She kept it up and I put the plant down and walked away.

Not sure why I bought the plants -- felt a little down (maybe more than a little....) and felt the need to spend money.

On the way home we crossed over the AC Expressway.
Good lord.
Three lanes of a parking lot.
Saturday mornings during the summer are light that.
Everyone heads to the shore.

A nice afternoon was spent working on a freeform bracelet.
Good dinner and then we watched "Mama Mia".

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