Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend part 1

It hasn't been a thrilla -- just somewhat average.
We are in the middle of Ragweed season, with NJ's predicted higher than normal.
That explains my headache yesterday.
And I am thinking it explains the raging nosebleed that I have had for the last two (2) evenings.

Friday night we went out to dinner -- to Fishtales -- and remarkably, we were not hit with the Labor Day shore crowd.
Yesterday morning Colleen and I hit Target and the bakery -- essentials and fresh bread.
I was disappointed that there was no Muligrain. I much prefer that to the Asiago Herb.
But, such is life. If I am desperate, I guess I COULD drive over today......

We spent the rest of the afternoon working on beading issues -- and then ran over to Los Escondidos II for a quick dish of mexican. This is totally authentic -- no tex mex here.

Back to the old beading table for the evening.
I have 3 of my hearts edged. Hopefully will get 2 more done today (if I work quickly).
Once the finished ones are completed, I will take pictures.
Then must work on the pendant part of my choker. And take pictures.

I also have the Ugly necklace piece -- for the bead retreat -- to work on.

And in my spare time, I picked my Kumihomo back up to finish the piece on there.

We watched The Woodward race yesterday -- with Rachel Alexandra. What a spectacular race!
more later.

Colleen has to get a card for her new camera.
I will buy pens at Staples (why??? because we are going there... fine points are on sale.... and because I LIKE pens).
so there !

and back to the edging.....

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