Sunday, September 27, 2009


Green Heart

Kissie and the Red Heart

Moose in the Black Collar

Pookie and my beaded heart palm tree


Henrysmomsmusings said...

Great models - and the beadwork is good, too :-)

Robin said...

Hi Katie... I love the way you write your posts in verse... or so it seems. Very cute pictures... visual fusion... pets and hearts!!! Thanks! Robin

Katie B said...

Thank you Doris -- these were hurried photo's. I'll replace them with better ones when we get back.

Thank you Robin. As I told Doris, these were quickie photo's. I am almost finished with the 9th heart.
I choose hearts -- well, because I hope that I have wings on my heart. That's a plan for another heart too !
How I write? I want to be onversational -- with myself and with others. Formal just isn't me.
Pets are an important part of my life