Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day weekend part 2

Not much going on.
It's been a cloudy, very breezy day at the Shore.
I am sure that the weekender's have been very disappointed.

Got the shopping done early.
Then we hit Staples so that Colleen could get a memory card for her new camera !
And I had to buy pens --- of course.
Good lord, I am a pen whore.
But a descriminating one -- it MUST be fine point only!

I haven't done much else -- what slug. Did some cleaning up.
Worked on the edges for #3.
That makes 4 done.
3 more to edge.
One in process.
Which makes 8 of my BJP's done.
Yup, I'll be late, but at least I am plugging away at them.

Tomorrow I must finish performance reviews.
Sigh -- I really do NOT want to do any work, but I must.

I will bead, watch tv.
Must check to see what is open -- need to go to Dick's for new tennie's.

1 comment:

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Funny, I prefer the bold pens these days. Used to be fine.