Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nor' Easter continues today!

We've had a mild nor'Easter this weekend.
Cold and windy and rainy.
It could have been worse.

Tides are way up -- some of the turnarounds on Rt 30 in to AC were closed off.
The police were out with scrapers (normally used for snow) last night -- to clean debris off 30 where the high tides are pushing the back bay up over the road.

This morning I woke up to high wind and rain. Got up, went to the bathroom -- opened the window so I could listen to the rain from the bedroom. It was so soothing. And right back to sleep I went.

It IS chilly out!
I've been busy since I got up.
Finally got my suitcase back up on the topshelf in the closet.
Pulled a box down and forced myself to cull the herd. Stuff I have not looked at/worn/done anything with in 2 years. It made some trash, some saves and some to the charity box.
(I keep a charity box in the bedroom. Every so often, something gets in it. When it is full, out to the garage it goes.)

I'm on the second load of clothes.
One more load, then sheets and towels.
THEN I have to vacuum in the bedroom.
Am I up to bathroom cleaning today?
maybe not -- My hands have still not recovered from the dryness of Tahoe.

Ahhh, and I have bead sorting and putting up to do also.

I scanned the AmEx and other credit card bill -- damages have come in from Reno.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Dinner for all of us the first day -- very reasonable for that Mexican restaurant!
The motel in Reno was the worst.

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