Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tahoe part 1 (or the end)

Dot and Cyn dropped us off at the Holiday Inn Express on Sunday night.
The trip off the mountain was good -- the trees looked like they all were personally flocked by the snow princess.
A lovely sight indeed!

We had Colleen's old time favorite pizza -- Mountain Mike's.
It was good -- but had some serious garlic!

Up at 4.
Out of the hotel by 5.
Saw Cyn at the airport -- air hugs and kisses.
Had to pay for an extra box to be shipped home --- guess that is a sign of all the goodies we brought home (and this was AFTER giving up the 4 boxes of taffy and 2 boxes of Tastee Cakes).
I packed up dirty clothes in a box, duct taped it, addressed it and paid the price.
The lady at the counter cracked up when I admitted what was in it.
She asked ..... I was honest !!

I snoozed part of the way to Salt Lake City.
Snoozed a LOT all the way back.
Colleen couldn't sleep -- but man, I did.

Got in to Philly and it took forever to get the luggage. That's nothing new for Philly and just another reason I hate flying out of Philly.
We were happy to be welcomed home.
Stopped on the way to grab a bite to eat because except for junk, we had had nothing nurishing all day. Time was too close in SLC to grab something.

A joyous reunion at home with the animals --- well, Beau ignored me for at least 4 hours.
He finally realized that he was glad his Human Bean was home again!
After that, I couldn't pry him off of me -- and didn't want to either.

Colleen had to work yesterday.
I lucked out -- stayed home and did laundry ALL day -- hers, mine and ours.
I did check my work email from home.
That was good.

I'm sorting all my beads and getting stuff where it has to go -- yeah, right, do you believe THAT??

Now to get back in the swing and continue beading.

I want to finish Marcia's bracelet -- and I need to count crystals to find out how many I need to buy.
Was hit with a brainstorm on the way home -- I think I want to make one in pinks for my friend Rose.

All in all, a great time.
But I was glad to be home in MY bed :)

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