Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last night.........

......... Late last night -- about 1:45 a.m.
I took a fall.
Not sure what happened, or HOW it happened.
I think I was getting up to go to the bathroom.
Maybe I was too close to the edge.
Maybe I was tangled up in the comforter.
The only think I know is that I started tumbling, hit the bedside table with my right shoulder -- got a horrendous scratch and ended up on the floor.
I may have hit my neck on the bed or bedside table during the fall but don't know for sure.
Maybe I just jammed it.
I kept calling out.
No response.
I could see the light on in the hallway.
I kept calling.
And crying.
Then cursing.
Finally I was able to drag myself up and get out in to the hallway.
Finally I was heard.
I was so afraid.
And hurting.
And crying.
But then it was all better -- back in to bed with a quarter of a pill.

Today I was so stiff I could hardly move.
My friend Mindy (from China) gave me some weird kind of magnetic herbal patches to use.
And they helped a bit.
My muscles were screaming by the time I got home (AND I had to take the late train because of a client call !).

Jumped in the shower and let the water just drown me.
It felt so good.
Colleen made me something to eat (noodles -- comfort food).
I took another 1/2 pill about an hour ago.
Now readyy to take my whiny ass to bed.


abeadlady said...

Katie are you all right? You must be a mass of bruises and sore spots by now. Poor baby! {{{Katie}}}
Take care of yourself. We like you all in one piece.


Katie B said...

Oh Arline, thanks for the note!
Gosh --- I think my ego took a bruising too!
My neck is less sore - and I can turn it more to the right today.
My shoulder is bruised a bit, the scratch is healing and there are a few sore spots.
Guess it proves that fat does NOT bounce!

thank you thank you!