Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where do the weekends go?

Saturday morning we ran errands and then came home to hang out.
Stopped at the libray -- I got "Boardwalk Empire". It's the story of AC (from the early days) and HBO is supposed to be contracting a mini-series out of it.
Also grabbed a Trigianna novel that I managed to miss.
Colleen got the last "Dresden File" by Jim Butcher.
Lord, I do so love that series.

The confirmation phone call came from Ida and after we stopped for some cookies -- Colleen and I jumped on the Parkway and zipped down to Cape May.
Had a great time -- it's always fun to hang out and talk good stuff with Ida.
Books, beads, tv, movies. We covered it all.

She loaned me her angel book -- so I can finish the angel I started.
On the next trip down to Cape May, I'll take it back to her and we will also carry along a stack of books!
RE-cycle -- that's the way.

Watched some tv and beaded last night.

We had manicure appts this morning and the girl messed them up.
So, off we will go later this afternoon.
Right before I will dash by Lenscrafters and see if I can find a pair of sunglasses.

Then a relaxing evening at home.
Back to work tomorrow........... sigh.

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