Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday -- the piers/the shore

acch -- today was down to Wildwood --took off work (and still nursing the cold thing).
Just as we were gathering up all our stuff to leave, the news came on and there had been a fire at one of Morey's Piers down at Wildwood.
No way to change it, so off we went.
Yup -- small fire (but it took out the bumper cars and another ride).
The picnic went on (all the rides and the water rides), but we lost our food passes and the tram pass, but we still had fun.
Geez Louise was it HOT !
The Wonder Wheel ferris wheel was awesome -- rode it 3 times -- and when you are up that high the breezes are wonderful !
The top of my head is sunburned.
My nose is sunburned.
I am EXHAUSTED -- my knee is screaming.
But we had fun.
Stopped on the way out of town for the first round of Minature Golf -- it was just too hot for me to be serious -- but I only lost by one stroke.
Thank heaven it was the first game and we were not betting seriously -- that comes later in the year.

Luckily the storms didn't hit til we got home !! and then they were monster thunderstorms!

I splurged and took tomorrow off too!
Hair appt first thing in the morning.
Then off to Best Buy to look for a game for our new toy -- the Wii !
I love it !

Then I will work more on the Pink Zebra bracelet and then possibly work on my BFAC.
Want to get that last part done and in the mail.

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