Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas was good....

and my family was wonderful to me!

We had a wonderful day. Too much of everything, but a wonderful day !

They spoiled me (gbig grin !!):

- a new high tech camera bag (or as the commercial says: "a tricked out one" ,
- new tripod,
- Judy Walker's book on Beaded Sphere's,
- special electric cutters for my material/paper,
- agate cabochons,
- a fan thingie for my car (don't ask..... ),
- gift cards,
- Ceiling Cat t-shirt (yeah !!),
- Flying Monkeys t-shirt,
- thermal shirt
- pashina scarf,
- a most excellent book on the art of Dale Chihuly,
- note cards with Dale Chihuly artwork on them,
- an ANT FARM !!! ,
- fleur de lys pedestals for use in the library,
- a desk calendar for my office
- wonderful vanilla cream bath scrubbie stuff !!!! ,
- socks,
- a hand bubbly thingie (glass that heats up when you hold it -- yes, I DID want it !! I like toys), - lottery scratchoffs (no I didn't win),
- some beads.

They take good care of me and I love them.

All in all we had a great holiday!

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