Sunday, January 18, 2009


A wonderful day, in north Jersey, spent with wonderful women whom I worked with previously.
We started out with 4, expanded to 5, now we are at 6.

Mostly it is strickly no husbands -- but they do make an appearance on the fringes. And it is good to see them interact with all of us. Most times they seem glad to see this group descend upon their home.

I am lucky.
Since I drive, they don't make me bring anything with me.
But methinks that the next trip will have me bearing items.

A varied group we are:
all of us are a bit wacky.
All of us are caring and thoughtful.

One is known for her sarcasm, love of animals and children.
One is known for her passion for finding a cure for breast cancer.
One is known for her love of decorating and antiques.
One is known for her patience and ability to put up with the mostly former boss of all of us.
One is known for her patience, good business sense and wicked sense of humor. This one has almost convinved me that I need to set up a Facebook account (for networking/business, etc) -- but I am just not sure yet.

And then there is me. 'Nuff said.

We laugh, talk over each other, spend the time eatting and gossiping, giggling.

We eat -- good lord, yesterday was a smorgasboard of delights (wings, ziti, antipasto, stuffed bread, salad, chips/dip, cheese, wine, coffee, delictable deserts (including my FAVORITE homemade crumb cake-- that I get tons to bring home with me).

It is a wonderful time to catch up on everyone -- folks who have wandered out of our lives -- ones that we miss and have invited to join our little group (but haven't made it yet).

Yes, we gossip. About work -- about people.
And there have been times we've cried -- over family issues, people we know and miss, etc.

But the laughter.
And the hugs and kisses from these other five wonderful women in my life.
I'm not sure how I would get by if they were not a viable part of my life.

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