Thursday, December 3, 2009

I am thinking.........

a lot about the post Beki made about future retreats.
It would be less than honest for me to say I wish they would be closer -- the west coast is such a schelp for us right coasters. The time zone change really messes with the mind.

But...... there is nothing I can do about that.

On the other hand, I was thinking a lot about what teachers I would take repeat classes with.
There are a few.

And on the other hand -- and for the sake of politeness -- I will keep it to myself, there are those that I would not repeat with.
Just didn't enjoy, didn't get anything out of, or didn't mesh with them.

And on another similiar path --- I wish Sherry would teach her purse class somewhere close.
I doubt she will be back to Blanche's anytime soon to teach it.
I am wondering how much I could teach myself???


flyingbeader said...

Ditto....I love meeting folks, but going out West really does me, my pocket book, and my vacation time a real disservice. I do so wish there would be interesting retreats either here or in your neck of the woods. I hate flying, so I'd love to do something closer so I can drive. Bead & Button is interesting...but too expensive!

As for Sherry, she is teaching her purse class here, but it is booked up already! I also saw she's teaching it in Nashville.

Grace said...

Oh... I'm SO with you on all points! Even had quite a giggle over it.

And on teaching yourself - I've seen you bead, I think you could teach yourself just fine.

Katie B said...

Dot -- I agree wholeheartedly.
My big thing is that I am going to look very hard at the teachers -- unless is it someone I really love, or someone I think I will get something out of, I may not go.
I am looking for structural work -things thta will help me that way.
I seriously need REAL right angle weave -- not modified.
Embroidery helps -- Sherry or Thom -- yep I would take classes from them again.
But I am being picky.
I would love to organize a causal thing down here -- rent a couple of rooms at the beach - even in winter when the rates are great!!
Bead and carry on for 2 days -- it would be worth it ! Summer, late fall, early spring are good, but the rates start to zoom!
With 5 to 10 people you could possibly double up on rooms if need be, share techniques and just have a great time -- no shopping expense. Bring what you want to work on.
Some of the places have kitchenettes -- can cook -- otherwise, McD's and local diners are cheap.
ps: I sent Sherry an email to check to see if she is teaching the purses anywhere close by (NJ or PA).

Grace: I know you understood what I was talking about -- and I was grinning while reading your response!
Hey -- thank you for the compliment, but if I could REALLY teach myself, I would have already understood RAW !!